You can choose to buy the in one go, so that it’s really yours, but you can also pay for use and share the bike.

Nature is a recycling champion: everything is reused. As a human being we can learn a lot from that, and therefore we introduce payment to use; a sort of lease of a cargo bike. For € 130, – per month we arrange everything for you: the itself, of course, but also the insurance and all maintenance except tires. You are not tied to anything for long, because the contract duration is only one year and after that you can cancel monthly. Without extra costs or small print.

We believe in paying for usage because it forces us to look at our design even more critically. How do we ensure that as little maintenance as possible is needed? How do we prevent things from going broke? And how can we reuse as much as possible when we get a bike back?

Thanks to this way of designing, you have the least amount of hassle when you choose to pay for use. And the best possible bike if you still prefer to buy it, because of course it is also possible to buy our electric tricycle.


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