The is not just an electric cargo bike. Our cargo bikes have a unique story. We are happy to tell you more about this. is a manufacturer of electrically supported carrier bikes. These are not regular cargo bikes, but these are cargo bikes with a story. Owners Patrick de Haan and Peter Schouten have themselves or in their vicinity experienced what it does to people when they are on the sidelines. They have no reason to get out of bed in the morning and in the evening, when they come home, they can not be proud of what they did that day. That is why we at do not hire people to make the cargo bike: we make cargo bikes to hire people.

Social impact is our goal and financial return is one of our means. We are a commercial company and sell this cargo bike. We invest the money we earn in our mission. We are therefore also a Social Enterprise.

Social Enterprise

A Social Enterprise is a company with a social mission. As a social enterprise, we deliver products and services from a revenue model. We are not only ‘social’ but also ‘entrepreneur’. Only we do not see earning money as the most important goal. Business success is a means to our goal: to create social added value by helping people with a distance from the labor market to a paid job. That is the profit that we want to maximize.

At, employees are trained in the field of bicycle technology, they gain work experience and work with the latest technologies in the field of e-bike technology. That together forms a good basis for a paid job at or externally.

Of course we hope that you will also share our story.


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